About Us

WE ARE THE MOST Leading Services oriented COMPANY IN INDIA!!

Enshrine and company is a service based company which is started with the sole purpose of helping people of all walks of life . our service ranges with our wide support and knowledge from our associates and our suppliers .

  • Construction and property management , property maintenance for our clients who are at a disadvantage of living far from their property or help those who suffer with improper care
  • Want to start a new business ? Tired of searching for a reasonable rates for website and logo Design . we at enshrine and company provide our customers with affordable and professional web solutions

  • Planning a Party can be tiring whether it is a common gathering or a big bash wedding. at enshrine and company we have expertise with event planning with an added knowledge
  • Our Over Seas Clients often end up being mauled in unwanted travel and food expenses sometimes due to high demand and inadequate knowledge of the new city or state they visit .
  • Sometimes we look too far ahead and forget that there are people behind us that need our care and attention . being elderly has its weakness so to make things easier for our senior citizens that shaped our future we at enshrine love to give them our service of helping them with their daily needs.
  • Death is imminent and loss is permanent. nothing we could offer can help you gain the loss of a loved one but during those tough times we would provide you with the consolation of taking care of your late loved one with what needs to be done and be there till the end .

What We Do

Enshrine and company is a service based company started with the sole purpose of helping people from all walks of life . providing key solutions to the clients personal and professional needs is our motto .

  • Histroy

    Our company is founded by our core members comprising of six unique members forming a family . who are all well versed in each departments the company has to offer .

  • Celebrating 20 years

    Starting with our most respected and beloved founders Mr.L.Deenadayalan and Mrs. D.Anusuya Deenadayalan together have added up an experience in the service industry of wedding planning , catering , Elderly care , Medical arrangements , and funeral services , for over 20 years

  • Construction & Man Power

    Our company's chief executive Mr.Vishak has a well versed record in the field of construction ( Corporate and individual Properties ) and Mr.Vadivel for the pest control currently also works as a liaison for some leading construction companies in Chennai and India . All of us together form a collective called enshrine and company

  • Law and commerce

    Our company's chief executive Mr.Gopal is renowned in the field of Law and commerce and can provide guidance to any issues regarding civil law and also has experience in the field of logistics and travel planning he is one of our trusted concierge and a excellent strategist for business development

  • Customer Management

    Our company's chief executive Mr.Vivek deenadayalan is adept in customer management and customer requirement from procuring the best deals for travelling, food , and accommodation to creating content for budding companies and creating brand recognition by making websites and logos and getting them setup digitally ready for their new venture .